In less than a year, Mosaic helped Real Power realize a

340% increase in year-over-year sales

starting from scratch

In business for over fifteen year, Real Power experienced moderate growth from year-to-year despite the lack of a defined brand, brand message, or mission.
The Mosaic Teams literally started from scratch.


Convince consumers Real Power’s ECM Controlled PTO is more reliable and cost-effective than traditional mobile AC power alternatives

In order to turn interest into sales, consumers need to feel comfortable about moving to a new mobile AC power solution and platform.

Challenge accepted.


Develop and execute a national tiered marketing/advertising campaign to introduce targeted industries to the undeniable convenience and cost-saving benefits of the Real Power Chassis-Mounted Mobile AC Power Solution.

The Opportunity

To launch the first brand that gives consumers direct access to the convenience and cost-saving benefits of the Real Power Chassis-Mounted Mobile AC Power Solution.

our response

Define the Real Power brand; Develop brand language and media assets that more accurately tell the Real Power story; Design & Develop a contemporary online presence; Launch targeted, industry-specific traditional and digital campaigns.

“The Numbers”


Website Traffic Increase

Website Unique Visitors / month


Conversion Rate


Year-Over-Year Sales Increase

what we delivered

Brand Development / Guidelines
Brand Strategy
Media Planning / Placement
Web Design
3D Animation
Video Production
Brochure Design
Vehicle Wrap Design


Expand opportunities to introduce target audiences to the Real Power Solution. 

Deliver compelling information in a relatable and accessible format while also including key brand messaging such as “Gain Space • Lose Weight” in an organic and conversational manner. 

Promote and Demonstrate Real Power’s commitment to be an innovator in the Mobile AC Power industry. 

Inspire prospective clients with the numerous success stories and experiences of current Real Power clients


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