If you’re a Conservative business owner, it’s no secret our values, as well as our livelihoods, are under attack from all sides. This ideological onslaught is being fought on a number of fronts. From liberal politicians to mainstream media, and big-tech, the persecution of Conservatives has never been more aggressive or more dangerous than it is today.

It’s for these reasons the Mosaic Leadership Team is proud to announce beginning March 1, 2021, our organization will begin the process of gleaning our client roster of all non-conservative clients and client projects. 

For over a year, our Leadership Team has spent countless hours discussing and debating this issue and the potential fallout of serving an exclusively Conservative client roster. However, in light of the events of January 6th, 2021, and in the weeks immediately following, it became crystal clear the days of “business as usual” have come to an end.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the unexplained IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT SUSPENSION of our founder’s personal Facebook and Twitter accounts in the twilight hours of January 7th, 2021. In addition to the cancellation of his personal accounts, Facebook and Twitter also PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED every client account Mosaic has ever managed.


This was a bridge too far for the Mosaic Leadership Team.

Since entering the market in 2009, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have morphed from just a convenient way to communicate with family and friends into advertising and marketing behemoths. These digital giants have become the primary advertising and marketing platforms for the vast majority of small to midsized businesses, the true backbone of the U.S. economy.

Being “CANCELLED”, by these platforms doesn’t just silence the voices of these main street businesses, it has the real potential of permanently closing these family-owned companies.

In addition to this anecdotal experience, it has also come to the attention of members of the Mosaic Leadership Team that some of our peers at competing liberal owned and operated national advertising agencies are actively discussing “best practices” to “Socially Punish” Conservative businesses. Let that sink in. The liberal/progressive management teams of advertising agencies are seriously debating the use of Saul Alinsky type tactics to “cancel” and/or “punish” businesses based on the owner’s political ideology, contributions, or corporate culture.

Additionally, we’ve learned of instances where Conservative companies are unwittingly subsidizing the pro-bono work some liberal advertising agencies offer to left-leaning progressive causes and groups like Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood.

Our story isn’t unique, but it is uniquely American. Launched in the basement of our founder’s home with just $750, Mosaic has grown to serve brands around the globe and manage multimillion-dollar advertising budgets and campaigns over the past twenty-five years. Our success has completely exceeded both the expectations and dreams of our founder. Like all American success stories, it wouldn’t have been possible without hard work, sleepless nights, and substantial personal sacrifice.

However, in Joe Biden’s America, the personal destruction of those you disagree with has become the cause celeb of Progressive ideologues ranging from the CEO’s of tech giants like Facebook and Twitter down to the unemployed social justice warrior planning the destruction of Western Civilization from the comfort of “his/her, they/them” mother’s basement.

Regardless of where these “social fascists” are employed or reside, the danger their radical ideology poses to the businesses of Conservative entrepreneurs has never been greater.

Although the Mosaic Leadership Team has been debating the shift to exclusively serve Conservatives for over a year, recent events have forced our hand to make this move  move for over a year, the actions and silencing of American voices Mosaic is proud to announce the launch of our strategic “U.S. First” initiative. This new program’s goal is to position Mosaic as the premiere Advertising & Marketing Group for Conservative business owners, candidates & special-interest groups in the United States.

Our teams look forward to serving our fellow Conservatives and assist them with their advertising and marketing needs as we navigate these new waters.